Leslie Hanks Yoga Unlimited Hatha Yoga in the Kriya Tradition
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Yoga School, Meditation Center &
Botanical Garden, Tallahassee

Offering Yoga Instruction
in Tallahassee, Florida Since 1989
(850) 385-6904

Yoga Unlimited Tallahassee opened in 1989 to teach the Science of Hatha Yoga in Tallahassee. The postures or asanas of yoga lubricate the body. They keep the muscles and joints supple, tone all the internal organs and increase circulation without creating any fatigue. The body is calmed by complete relaxation as the yogic breath increases prana, the electric current of life. Yoga practice, meditation and good diet create Radiant Good Health and Long Life.

flower Teacher Training Tallahassee
        - Six months to one year experience recommended
          (High School Scholarship Programs Available)

Hatha Yoga for Meditation Yoga Tallahassee
Experience the New Hatha Yoga for Meditation Video

flower Hatha Yoga Classes Tallahassee
- Group and private classes available
flower Meditation Tallahassee
- How To Meditate, four-part series of basic instruction
flower Ayurveda Tallahassee
- Consultations & Education Classes (The Path of Discovery)

Featured Ayurvedic Consultant
Ed Danaher, Director Panchakarma Dept., Ayurvedic Institute


Panchakarma At Home Tallahassee
Dr. Vasant Lad's Review
Why Panchakarma?
What is Panchakarma?
Five Steps of Panchakarma

flower Eating Awareness Tallahassee
- The Joy of Eating, Vegetarian, East Indian Cooking Class
(5 weeks)
flower "Ideal Day" Retreats Tallahassee
- Selected Saturdays 9 A.M. - 3 P.M.

Immersion Wellness Retreats Tallahassee
1and 2 week long programs

flower Yoga Cooking Class Tallahassee
        Vegetarian, East Indian Cooking -
        Click here for more information.

flower Teen and Pre-Teen Yoga Classes
        Click here for more information.

flower Girl Scout Yoga Badge
        Click here for more information.

                         girl scout yoga badge


Executive Board Member of Healing Arts Alliance Tallahassee

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