Yoga Teacher Training Certification RYS200, Ayurveda, Kriya Tradition
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Teacher Training Certification RYS200
Continuing Education Hours (CE's RYT200)

certified teacher training certified yoga teacher training
yoga certification Yoga Teacher Training Tallahassee

Leslie Hanks' Yoga Unlimited Now Offers:
Yoga Teacher Certification Program View Flyer

(6 months - 1 year Hatha Yoga experience recommended)

This intensive yoga teacher training certification RYT200 in Tallahassee, FL, is for aspiring and experienced yoga teachers, as well as those desiring to deepen their own practice, using meditation and the background of Ayurveda to study the postures, seasonal and daily routines, and Diet.

This is a three month teacher certification program with 7 requirements to be completed within the class time frame (see Teacher Training Log). There is also the option of 1 and 2 week Immersion Wellness Programs offered in the Spring and Summer, with emphasis on meditation and Ayurveda, listed on the calendar.

* Call for Application

Teacher Training Log, Student Data Sheet

Cost: $1650
Deposit: $400

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