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Yoga School, Meditation Center &
Botanical Garden, Tallahassee

Offering Yoga Instruction
in Tallahassee, Florida Since 1989
(850) 385-6904

Gardens for Tranquility and Enjoyment      

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walled_garden raised_planter walled_garden

Garden Design Consultant
($225.00 and Up)

The Leslie Hanks - Yoga Gardens is a featured garden in the Maclay Gardens Tour and the Audubon Garden Tour. It has been a meditation and resource for yoga students and teachers alike.

Above are a few examples of some garden elements and scenes we have created to enhance the beauty of nature and to set the tranquility of these spaces. The flowers and plants are varieties that thrive in this area
of Florida. Leslie can help in selection of herbs and other medicinal
varieties according to your desires.

Live life in a tranquil and serene (850) 385-6904 or email Leslie to have a beautiful garden designed for your space.

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