Ayurveda & The Joy of Eating Tallahassee FL
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Ayurveda & The Joy of Eating Tallahassee FL

Yoga School, Meditation Center &
Botanical Garden, Tallahassee

Offering Yoga Instruction
in Tallahassee, Florida Since 1989
(850) 385-6904

Eat Smart for a Lifetime

eating smart with yoga

Ayurveda & The Joy of Eating Tallahassee FL
The 6 Tastes of All Foods

Yoga and Diet Management:
We use vegetarian Indian cooking to learn about balance and healthy food choices. These guidelines will work well with any food and dietary preferences.

Ayurvedic Body Type – Vata - air, Pitta - fire, Kapha- water and the Best Foods for You.

• When to eat what
• Food balancers
• What is for dinner?

Spring & Summer 2013 Class Dates: February 27, April 17, June 5

5 Week course; 30 page color Workbook and Banquet

Cost: $90 ($75 for continuing students)

Time: Wednesdays 7:30 - 8:30 P.M.


Recipes and Tips
flower Chutneys
flower Kitchari
flower Churnas
flower Your Spice Kitchen
flower Bitter Melon

"For Radiant Good Health and Long Life"

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